The Project
How Blue, is a project that focuses on the Beauty & Destruction of the Ocean. It juxtaposes how humans have created inspiring songs, poems, and art from the ocean, but also are constantly destroying it. This was a semester long project for my Typography III class and we were given only one word as a prompt to figure out our concept. The word was "Emerge" and led me through an interesting train of thought, detailed below, where I finally came up with my final idea. 
The Deliverables
The final deliverables include a book, a poster, a motion graphic, and a coded/prototyped website. The book focuses on beautiful ocean imagery that throughout the book becomes twisted and destroyed. Each chapter focuses on different aspects of art and science surrounding the ocean. There are poems, music, and myths interspersed with scientific articles detailing the oceans destruction. The poster is meant to advertise the book and website. The motion graphic serves as advertisement for the book, making the viewer intrigued about the depths of the ocean. 

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